Louis Williams


Louis Williams is a member of the Dine Nation and was raised in the town of Kayenta, Arizona near Monument Valley. Currently, he lives in Blanding, Utah with his wife Tanya and son, Kaleb. He has two other children, Teryn and Daniel, who have left the home in Blanding to pursue their careers, one in Arizona and the other in California.

Louis loves nature and that love was inherited from his family roots. Louis learned the importance of land preservation and resource conservation through his heritage teachings and upbringing on the Dine reservation. This love for nature was enhanced during his studies at the University of New Mexico where he studied Earth Science which included various subjects focused on geology.

He began sharing the beauty of the land and cultures when he started guiding full-time on the San Juan River. He guided educational tours for Wild Rivers Expeditions starting in 2012 and eventually established his own company called Ancient Wayves River and Hiking Adventures. Louis and his native crew of guides do their best to educate visitors about the importance of protecting this landscape’s resources, inhabitants, native vegetation and cultural history.

Louis has a deep passion for protecting the longevity of Mother Earth and the local cultures. He is involved with FOCM through his training as a Visit With Respect Ambassador and archaeological site steward.

Louis is often guiding tours in the Bear’s Ears region where he gets a chance to share knowledge about the archaeology, wildlife, geology, water sources, local history and existing cultures of the region.

Louis will add a local and native perspective to FOCM’s discussions and efforts to protect the cultural values of the region and hopes to help facilitate tribal relations with FOCM while providing echo to the voices of the many Tribes who call this place home.