Dear Bears Ears Partnership Community, 

The Bears Ears Education Center (BEEC) provides thousands of visitors to Bears Ears National Monument with information, directions, and Visit With Respect guidelines, each year. For many visitors, the BEEC is their only opportunity to learn about the monument and its rich cultural and natural history. Schools, clubs, tour groups, and conservation organizations utilize our center and staff presentations to ensure participants are getting the most from their visit to the region. Over the last few years, we have diligently worked to bring new exhibits to the Center that better tell the stories of the Monument. Geology and paleontology exhibits were finalized and installed last summer in our outdoor classroom. Our “They Have Not Vanished” display features handcrafted items from Indigenous artisans. We are continuously working to improve what is offered at the BEEC with the hope that we become the place to learn about the Monument. 

Our newest exhibit, “Tribal Connections,” will highlight the five Tribes and Pueblos of the Bears Ears Intertribal Coalition (BEITC) connections to the Monument. This display has been developed in partnership with Indigenous leaders and representatives to ensure that the information being shared is appropriate and meaningful. Ultimately the exhibit will feature seven panels with one panel for each of the five members of the Coalition and two panels describing the goals and accomplishments of the BEITC. Since summer 2023, we have held workshops and meetings with leaders to discuss exhibit content and images. This spring we constructed a curved display wall for the exhibit. 

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We need your help in getting this ambitious project completed: please consider helping us reach our fundraising goal of $5,000 so that we can cover design, installation, and printing costs, and ensure participation and reciprocity with our Tribal partners who are making this project possible. With your support, we can get this exhibit ready for the public by Summer 2025!

Support the "tribal connections" exhibit today!

Thank you for your continued support of our education program and center, 

Sarah Burak, Education Director